2014 | 08.25

Baby Bio #2

So, there once was a funny story, and it goes something like this…

A mommy and daddy were expecting another sweet little baby. They…and by they, I mean mostly the mommy, were very anxious to know what they were having. Having the special hook-ups that they did, they looked for the gender at an early 15 weeks…just like their previous child. And oh my goodness…a sweet little boy was going to join their family. They told some close friends and then let the word continue to spread….just a little. They bought some sweet little boy things and started decorating the room appropriately.

Fast foward 4 weeks…

They are in for their ultrasound and are just soaking up looking at their sweet baby boy. Mommy notices after a few quick sweeps passed the genitals that there isn’t a penis dangling there, but being very inexperienced…keeps those thoughts to herself. The daddy also notices the same but doesn’t say anything. A few minutes pass, and the tech is ready to share the news with them. She looks at the big sister and says, “your mommy has a baby girl in her belly!!”

Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!

Yup! After telling her that they thought it was a boy, she checked, rechecked, and checked again…and again. It was most definitely a sweet baby girl!

Obviously, this is our story and happened at our apppointment today. I’m still a little in shock! HA!

I couldn’t help but tear up through the rest of our apppointment. I was overwhelmed with so many feelings. Of course I was in love with our little boy, but we were having a hard time deciding on a name, and I just kept picturing us with two girls. Even last night, I was trying to wrap my head around a precious boy being in our lives. And then WHAM…a smack up side the head :) A good one of course. I just feel so much love for our family and couldn’t be more grateful. Oh…and Maeve tells me after the ultrasound, “Mama, I’ve been trying to tell you all along that it’s a girl!” HA! Well, sister…you were right!

Until next time…

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Baby Oliver is one year old already! And he and his family are so darn sweet and full of love! They even toughed out the 95 degree weather! Take a peek…

You guys have been so wonderful! Thank you for a great first year!

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It’s so awesome to watch mama’s grow little people. Even more…staying healthy while doing so! Louisa is part of our Evviva family, and we are so happy for you guys! I loved all the little faces Althea gave us during her shoot…

Much love and happiness to you three!

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2014 | 08.13

Senior Portraits in Eugene, Oregon: Nathan

Nathan was very quiet and very polite and sweet! Thanks for bringing your cello along too…

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Little baby Addison is here! She needed very litle coaxing and then just breezed through her newborn shoot. Take a look…

Thank you guys so much!

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I truly love photographing people who love each other. Despite the fact that it is incredibly easy, it just simply warms my heart. And it warms my heart even more that we get to photograph their wedding next month! Take a peek at Miles 9 month shoot, four perfect little teeth and all…

Thanks guys!

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