Becoming a mama has changed every aspect of my life...and I like to think for the better.

So as far as my life as a photographer, it has changed what I see as worth remembering. As documentable. As neccesary to have on some sort of format that any nostalgic soul, such as myself, can access at any given time. Now, don’t get me wrong…I still LOVE all of my shoots, but THIS has been weighing heavy on my heart as to what I can offer you. I want to document your daily life, the ordinary moments that help define us. The moments that we SO desperately want to remember, but sometimes…forget. These are the moments that I want to remember, and I genuinely feel that this desperation is shared amoung mommies, daddies, lovers, and friends alike.

I want to come to your home or venture out and just document without judgement. To help you remember when your daughter asks you to untie a balloon she got at the store because she wants "your air in it". Or when you are trying to cook dinner, and your babe comes up and says “help you mama?” I want to help you remember all the things that drive you crazy but are also endearing. I want to help remind you that your daily life is quite extraordinary.

daily life